Thank you! Well, I moved here after I was assaulted (sexually, but also I thought I was going to die so I don’t even know what you’d call it) (is this TMI? But you really, really need a good excuse if you move to LA!) in Chicago, and the cops took forever to think about catching the guy and he knew where I lived so, when a friend told me a friend of his was renting out his guesthouse for cheap, I kind of stumbled in this direction. God, that turned out to be a situation in itself… (I wrote a series on it here: ). It ended with me getting typhus and not quite dying. Then I kind of sat there catching my breath for a year, enjoying the weather at least, and in February of this year I decided to take the plunge and move to France permanently. I came back here to collect my pets/get pet passports/make sure my attacker went to prison, and thennnn… Here’s Captain Coronavirus! SO, I am stuck here marking time for the foreseeable future. Basically, I came here through misfortune, and I’m stuck here through misfortune. Although I gotta say… with none of the humans on the street, the weather and mountains are like a siren song. The mayor’s declared another three months of shutdown, which I would think is terrible news if it weren’t for the fact that the LA population is indeed best kept locked inside.

Author of NVSQVAM, DISASTER FITNESS, the upcoming ELEKTRA’S REVENGE sci-fi epic, & the action novella SEINE VENDETTA. Editor of YOU’RE ALL PUSSIES.

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