2020: Year of the Misanthrope

I was wrong, but you were wronger.

I may be known (and dismissed) for my almost cartoonish misanthropy, but 2020 has alerted me to the fact that I have been NOWHERE NEAR MISANTHROPHIC ENOUGH. For years, people have made fun of me for being a goth, slacker, typical #GenX cynic, blah blah blah…

Bikini shot because fuck you

Well, the Internet has shined a light into the depths of the idiocracy, while empowering the moron majority out the wazoo.

Out of hundreds of millions of Americans, the private entity we call the DNC picked JOE “Clowns and Scranton” BIDEN as their must-vote alternative to Orange Satan. And well-meaning Democrats hop on board, righteously believe blatant lies without a moment’s pause, because they blindly trust the sources, because they depend on them to say what they want to believe; they may be somewhat clever, and some of them are indeed quite smart for humans, but instead of any real critical thought, all their mental energy goes into coming up with insults for people who aren’t quite convinced.

Reminds me of my mom. Comparatively smart woman, but all her smarts went into elaborate justifications for her dumb and shitty behavior.

Half of you are too dense to wear masks properly — or maybe you’re young and invincible and don’t give a shit about anyone else; wait till you find out how fast aging happens! — and the other half are too short-sighted to respond to anyone’s Covid skepticism with anything but howling hyperbole. Do you want everyone to be safe and healthy, or do you want to win the flame war and score more Twitter followers? I think that rhetorical questions answers itself, but you probably disagree. Somehow massive riots aren’t a Covid danger, because the magical thinking involved in critical race theory implies that being RIGHT will protect you from viruses. And these are the PRO-science people!

And the verdict: people are even stupider than I suspected. And more evil. Those of you who aren’t abjectly stupid are usually willfully ignorant, or, better yet, actively manipulating the idiots for your own gain. Ya dismissed me as a Debbie Downer, but when it comes to the true banal horror of the human race, I was not quite as wrong as you are.

I guess if this were the Price is Right, I might get a set of pots and pans for my trouble.

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